Monday, 20 January 2014

Storm Damage - Things you should know.

With the recent high winds we've been having, I feel it would be important to remind our clients about the scope of their cover when it comes to Storm Damage; beit to their own home, a let property or an unoccupied property.

Unoccupied properties are often not covered against storm. When a property is unoccupied, the perils that the insurer will cover the property owner against are often restricted to just Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion and Aircraft only. Extended cover can be sourced which reinstates the standard perils (Storm, flood, escape of water etc) but this cover would carry a much higher premium and the maximum claim amount for the additional perils may be restricted to say £2,500 for any one claim.

One of the most common part of a property which would suffer damage in stormy conditions is fences. On any policy covering a property, it is common that storm damage to gates, fences and posts are excluded.

Another important point to note would be if your property has a flat roof. Flat roofs often carry an increased excess for ingress of water following a storm (typically £500). Also there would likely be an endorsement on the policy stating the flat roof needs to be annually inspected by a builder and for any defects to be immediately repaired.

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