Monday, 6 January 2014

Fleet Insurance

Employer's Responsibilities:

Employer's are legally responsible for employees who drive whilst at work and this extends
to employees who use their own private vehicles for business purposes.

Below are a few tips which will help ensure good fleet management and may help keep your premium costs
to a minimum;

Driver Safety:

Provide each driver with a handbook that sets out the driver's responsibilities.
This should include advice on what to do in the event of an accident.

Fleet Management:

Appoint a Fleet Manager
It's advisable and depending on size of company, compulsory to have a written Health & Safety policy.
Within this, a section on "driving at work" should be included.

Incident Reporting:
On appointment of a Fleet Manager, ensure that each and every incident is reported, logged and analysed.
This will help you notice any trends or training requirements.

Vehicle Safety:
Ensure that all employees who may drive for the company are vetted.
This should include an induction programme followed by regular assessment.
This will ensure that they hold the relevant licence and that they are medically fit.

For further information on Fleet Insurance or to obtain a quotation please contact our Commercial
Team on 01249 463206. We can quote on all sizes of fleets from 3 vehicles and upwards.

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