Monday, 7 October 2013

Landlord Policies

Advance Insurance have many Landlord schemes available to us which can cover a wide range of properties including:

·          Residential
·          Commercial
·          Unoccupied Residential
·          Unoccupied Commercial
·          Unoccupied Mixed Residential and Commercial
·          Part occupied mixed Residential and Commercial

With our unoccupied property schemes we can offer various levels of cover from standard FLEEA (Fire, Lightning, Earthquake, Explosion and aircraft only) to full perils.

We can also look at "non-standard" properties e.g long-term unoccupied, previous subsidence issues, adverse claims, structural alterations etc.
Remember, if you have a property which you have purchased with the intention to let it out, this will have to be insured as unoccupied until a tenancy agreement is signed. Similarly, properties that are going through probate which were formally owner occupied are likely to have to be insured as unoccupied if they are pending sale or waiting to be let.

For more information or advice on which policy is best for you, please call our commercial department on 01249 463206.
For more information on what Advance Insurance do, please see our website

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