Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Claims Handling Service

Arguably the most important role of an Insurance policy is for it to provide peace of mind and act as a safety net to ensure a company can continue to trade following a large, potentially catastrophic claim.

But what is required from a business owner (or delegated member of staff) following such a claim and how much of their time could potentially be taken up throughout the claims process?

Time would be taken in preparing a claim, speaking to insurers, arranging site visits, arranging building works and negotiating settlements or interim payments with insurers. All this whilst also trying to keep the business running perhaps from alternative premises or other temporary arrangements.

For a relatively small sum, based on the company turnover and wageroll figures, we can provide you with a policy, to sit alongside your main insurance policy, which provides you with a loss adjuster to work on your behalf following an insured material damage claim (Fire, flood etc) which is likely to amount to more than £5,000. Upon notification you will have a loss adjuster on site within 24 hours who will deal with assessment, submission, negotiation and administration of your claim for you. They will also arrange examination of the damage to the the premises by engineers, architects, surveyors or contractors. It's basically designed to help take the stress out of the claim for the company owner whilst enabling them to concentrate in making alternative arrangements for the running of their business.

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