Sunday, 27 January 2013

Directors & Officers Liability

The duties and responsibilities of Co. Directors have increased
through legislation during the last number of years. In addition society has become
much more litigious.

As a Director, your personal assets may be at risk if you do not have this cover in operation.
Typical Directors & Officers policies will include the following;
Employment Practice Liability (includes discrimination & harassment).
Legislative breaches, e.g. Health & Safety, Data Protection and many others
Alleged financial mismanagement
Libel or Slander claims

Claims are on the increase and can come from many angles such as;
Shareholders, Employees, Customers, Creditors, Regulators, Other Directors , Suppliers etc.

This cover is not only vital but inexpensive!
For more information or to obtain a quotation, please either call David Mann on 01249 463206
or email the following information

Company Number
Annual Turnover/Income (as stated in the latest filed accounts or as projected if no accounts have yet been filed)
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